Formalize naming convetion

Code uses non-standard function names for getting data from them. Might as well reuse the Range names from D, like: popFront, front and so on. See Source and TokenStream.

Remove Exceptions

Make it possible to use both the compier and Watt without Exceptions.

Avoid pointers

In the quest to make as much code as possible @safe we should remove usage of pointers in both Volta and Watt.

Adding get and set AA’s

In light of the two above paragrahps. Lets take a look at AAs. Both [] array index and in operator goes against these goals. Instead use a get function.

bool get(T[Y])(Y key, ref T)

Like so. Set works just like the normal array index but is there to make a set.

aa[key] = 4;
aa.set(key, 4); // is the same