That’s been our whirlwind tour of Volt. If you’re confused about anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. IRC, as detailed in chapter 2 is probably the best way.

Useful Tools

Along with the core toolchain, there are a few other libraries and tools that you might find useful.

Battery is the standard build tool for Volt programs. You can use Makefiles and the like, but Battery is written in and used by Volt, so it can be very clever. It also manages running test suites.

Fourier is a tool that can help generate modules automatically that will let you use C libraries from Volt. You can write these by hand, but this can be a very tedious task; Fourier may be able to save you a lot of time!

Amp is a collection of maintained bindings to popular libraries, like SDL and OpenGL.


Appendix 1 - Article comparing Volt to C.

Appendix 2 - Article comparing Volt to C++.

Appendix 3 - Article comparing Volt to D.